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We secured a favorable judgment
in a complex civil, federal case.

Panel Member of
the Ohio State Bar Association on commercial leasing.

We achieved a
successful settlement in an arbitration matter in which the Petitioner paid our client over six figures.


We handled the first national arbitration hearing in the
country dealing with
the General Motors & Chrysler automobile arbitrations.

We secured favorable results for our clients in three Federal Court proceedings.

Brule Law Firm, LLC

Welcome to Brule Law Firm, LLC. Our Firm has built its practice around all aspects of Franchise Law. The Firm has significant experience in serving client's business needs in multiple areas. Below you can learn more about our firm, background, and qualifications.

Franchise Law

is a uniquely American creation. Franchising combines the best ideas of a proven business model with the fuel of entrepreneurs. Franchise systems have formed some of the most iconic names in the world today. Due to the explosion of franchising and its billion dollar plus impact on the economy, multiple laws and regulations are in force that govern various aspects of the franchise relationship and sale. These multiple federal and state laws and regulations provides both unique challenges and opportunities.

Our Firm looks to fill this niche. We represent new and established as well as small and large firms looking to expand and manage their systems through franchising. These companies and enterprises are creating growth opportunities. We believe our services are unique and critical. Our experience has been forged over 25 years - whether representing and advising the oldest and largest and most recognized companies or helping companies and individuals through the franchise process.

We are here to help. We invite you to call now to discuss your franchise or business needs.

We look forward to serving you.

Thomas R. Brule

has extensive experience in all facets of franchising. Thomas Brule was the former U.S. Franchise and Litigation counsel as well as Senior Executive for Kentucky Fried Chicken - a division of PepsiCo, which was a Fortune 25 company. Thomas Brule was additionally responsible for handling all U.S. franchise sales, development and contract administration for the United States. He handled all aspects of transfers, sales, terminations, system upgrading, advertising, and renewals. He has developed and implemented innovative models for growth. He has also served as the Chair of the Franchise Practice Group at two prominent Cleveland, Ohio law firms and was the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of two international retail companies. In addition, Mr. Brule is on the National Commercial Arbitration Panel for the American Arbitration Association.

His franchise practice is focused on strategic advice for existing franchisors, as well as companies who are exploring franchising as a growth vehicle. He also advises both existing and prospective franchisees with the sales process or ongoing contractual compliance and legal business needs. In addition to his practice of franchising, commercial litigation and arbitration, Mr. Thomas Brule regularly advises clients in all aspects of distribution, analysis of distribution models, restaurants, liquor licenses, retail, leasing, advertising, cooperatives, trademarks, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, licensing and buying and selling companies. See services. While not an exclusive listing it does offer information to the breadth and scope of services.

Mr. Brule’s experience includes the purchase of franchise companies through leveraged buyouts or by investment groups. He has acted as counsel to a number of franchised businesses in Cleveland, Ohio and around the country. Mr. Thomas Brule regularly drafts, reviews and consults on Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) and Franchise Agreements, related agreements and State Registrations.

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